Thursday, July 31, 2008

so much venom in this comment from Taojones...

Dell is looking to sell a commodity as cheaply as possible, they would use for instance a molded plastic case that would no-doubt crack if you look at it not to mention the way it feels in your hand while you adjust it . I ran my car over my shuffle and it is fine except for a minor scratch, Dell does not get user experience on that level, the very reason the i-pod was a lifestyle changing success! crappy interface and cheap components will not even get my attention long enough to consider buying one.

Good luck (rhymes with Hell)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

anonymous says judgingly,

Apple computers are for pretentious people who buy expensive computers, steal music and wear jeans from walmart.
people are full of rage. over the littlest things.
find a story online. read the comments.
a diatribe from some anonymous flame-thrower.
take a shower. get a haircut. find a job.
it would be sad if it wasnt funny.